Broadside’s Everyone Loves Morehead

December Edition

“Santa Baby” may be a cute and sexy holiday song, but it makes Christmas sound like it’s all about getting expensive gifts from your man. Make the holidays a fun and sexy time for you and your partner by experimenting with items you most likely already have in your house. Plus, finding ways to conserve money won’t leave you broke at the end of the holiday season and it will bring you and your lover closer together.

So let’s talk about the seductive things you can do with your lover at home, cost free. The holidays can be the sexiest time of the year with just a few things from your kitchen: powered sugar, honey or whipped cream. I am not saying that you will not have a mess to clean up, but I promise the fun will be worth every second of scrubbing. If you want, you can even clean naked for an even hotter experience.

Seduce your partner into baking a pie with you. Sprinkle the powdered sugar on your creation and toss a little in their face with a sexy grin. That’ll let them know it’s game time. Use the powdered sugar creatively and seductively by putting it on their neck, nipples or any other places you dare. Then, drive your partner wild while licking it off.

If you’re looking for a cute gift to catch your companion’s attention, I know the creative value of this next gift will surely impress your mate. Buy a little bowl from the craft section in Walmart, which should run you about $3, a couple of marbles, and four silver fish that are 17 cents each and then one big gold fish for $2-$3.

Put them all together in this bowl and write a cute note that says, “Of all the fish in the sea, you stood out the most.” This will make your lover feel like a million bucks, even though you only spent $7 on the whole thing!

Another cheap way to celebrate this holiday is to give the gift of a romantic and sexy evening. Start off by cooking up your lover’s favorite dish. Decorate with flowers or candles and dress in something sexy for your beau.

Next, lead them upstairs for a hot bath, this is one of the sexiest things you can surprise your lover with. Not to mention it’s hot, steamy and smells great. Scent is an automatic turn-on, especially if you add in some bubble bath soap.

Ladies, if you can afford to spend a few bucks, turn yourself into a present. That’s right, you guessed it – literally wrap yourself. You will need a friend to help you out with this one. Get some wrapping paper and bows and have him unwrap you. It’s a sexy yet fun thing to do for your man. Really blow his mind by having on some serious lingerie. He will be so excited to unwrap this sexy present.

Most importantly, make each other feel like the best present you could ever have for Christmas, regardless of material things. Spend some serious down time with your lover other the holidays — especially in the bedroom on those cold winter nights.

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