Briggs Chapter 2


What is a blog?

*frequently updated web page- most resent to least resent

*Posts- have a headline and body. Usually has a link or photos

*Not all blogs-but most- allow for moments by readers.

Blogs are usually first information- can be uploaded from almost anywhere. Exploded after 9/11, people talking about their thoughts and feelings on the terrorist attacks.

Blogging has changed journalism. Blogging removed the constraints of time and space between a journalist, and their audience.

The competition to have blogs read, is unbelievable.- Its a competition, if your blog isn’t read, its your fault.

Make a blog- conversationally friendly. A blog is a fresh, and new way to find ways to cover your beat.

Blogs are also away to keep people updated on “true” local news. – Your way of supplying your friends and others close to you with news, that they can’t get on tv or googling whats going on.

To become a blogger:

Your have read blogs to have a successful blog. (scan)

As i read other blogs-take note what works and what doesn’t.

-Note ways to incorporate the best elements into my own blog.


Blog jargon- pg. 49

My new blog created on google. Everybody Loves Morehead

Put the reader first-

Say your words