Briggs Intro and Chapter 1

Journalism is not dead. But growing. Only in a different way.

The web has changed out world in many ways. The journalism world is no different. Mark Briggs explains in his intro to Journalism Next, just how much journalism is still alive.

Briggs explains that newspapers papers grew 123% in just 20 years with new technology.

Now with the web, I personally would bet writing, news, and journalism grows 123% in a week! That’s just my guess!

Briggs explains with this new form of journalism, are many job opportunities.

  • New job titles
  • roles
  • responsibilities
  • Readers still want to read! Just not exactly on paper.

Briggs explains in the intro that it is very important to find new ways to inform and connect, stay ahead, inform properly=readers.

Chapter One

Now this was a lot of information I had no idea about. And I thought that I grew up with the internet!

I love this quote from pg. 9 of Chapter one in Journalism Next:

  • “Previous generations of journalists-and other workers in all industries- had the luxury of expecting some supergeeks in their organizations to take care of the digital duties for them. For better or worse, those days are gone.”

Briggs tells us that we now have to learn the ropes of the web and find the supergeeks in our own selves. I learned a lot about RSS Really Simple Syndication. I had no clue what this way, i had heard people talk about it, but never knew it was something that i could use or would come in handy for me either. However, especially in this class, i need to learn how to use this thing.

Chapter one explains how to use the web in the most beneficial way possible- for a journalist. How to set up an RSS- which i think im going to have to get someone to show me- im a hands on learner. Among how to use google and yahoo to your advantage. Web design basics. Scare me, reading this is something i need to learn hands on. However i find it very useful to have a step by step book to help me learn how to do the things we need to learn for our careers.

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