Video Conference

George Allen

Senate is like being on the board of directors.

Governor is like being CEO of that state.

  • make sure tuition stays low
  • saved average family 4400$ by lowering tuition
  • both governor and senate get things done to be beneficial to their country or state, both have very good intentions

Every Vote counts! – Like a sporting event- every point counts, one single point can decide whether you win or lose the big game- on vote can decide if you win or lose the election.

The difference between states government and national, is states have budget requirements. Which means they cannot print their own money. national should have budget requirements too, it would prevent a lot of dept.

Talked about new media for his campaign

  • Virginia needs education to be a higher priority.
  • Tuition is too high for low and midlevel incomes.
  • 2 kids in college is a big struggle

Isreal & Egypt = Alies

  • 4 pillars in a free country
  • freedom of religion
  • freedom of expression for men and women
  • private ownership of property
  • rule of law- fair/distribution of god given rights

Strives to keep tax off the internet.

Death benefits to those lost in serving our country to their families.

  • -surviving families
  • -wants it to go from 12,00 to 100,000 (my thought, is that even possible?)

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