Briggs Chapter 10

Managing News as a Conversation

Blogs have become a journalism conversation

You can converse through comments.

  • not so simple, sometimes mean and ugly


  • provide transparency
  • enable an immediate feedback
  • spread awareness of news coverage through word-of-mouth marketing

New conversation is important:

  • feedback
  • keeping the reader involved
  • keeping the public in-tune and make sure its understood
  • tips
  • links
  • additional insight

Make News participatroy-best way

Keep conversations accurate and ethical

  • set guidelines for participants
  • dont write anything on a blog or a personal web you couldn’t write in the Times
  • don’t embarrass yourself by facebook and myspace.
  • dont recruit friends or family to promote or defend your work
  • consult your editor before “friending” any reporting contacts
  • monitor offensive postings
  • always correct errors

Say your words