Briggs Chapter 3

This chapter is not how to use any particular technology, its about how to use a wide range of technologies to knock down barriers, the bring your readers closer to journalism and to bring journalism closer to the readers.

New Reporting Methods:

  • Crowdsourcing– The internet allows communities to come together a provide value for a Web site. Crowdsourcing focuses that community power together on a specific project- shows that that group can outperform a small group of trained professionals and paid professionals.
  • Open-source reporting– open source refers to design, development and distribution. Giving practical accessibility to the product’s sources (the goods and the knowledge). Using this in journalism means using transparency- away that you can provide benefits to the audience and the audience can provide benefits to you.
  • Pro-am Journalism– most unfiltered form of collaborative journalism- allows audience to publish to the same platform, or wed-site that the professional journalists publish on. This helps produce broader and more in depth coverage.

Crowdsourcing: Distributed Reporting

  • comes from outsourcing
  • the power of community
  • improves service and information base
  • “many hands make light work”
  • Reporting to a specific project
  • Answering specific question
  • Very powerful tool for reporting news

Crowdsourcing is Important because:

  • widely differing results
  • It’s not a one size fits all approach
  • Can have thousands of contributions
  • Hearing from the readers
  • but does not work in all situations

Open-Source Rrepoting

  • Today: news organization’s journalism MUST BE transparent, authentic and collaborative.
  • Blogs and Twitter are good open-source reporting will not replace traditional journalism- but not the object it just bring the reader closer to the journalism and the journalism close to the reader- WHICH is the point
  • Discloser of invited the reader to help with the reporting on the story

Why its important:

  • Welcomes the audience’s feedback.
  • Opening the process of reporting helps the journalists credibility and social capital.

Beatblogging: blogging

  • Concept: build a social network around a traditional reporting beat.
  • a reporter can get into beat more deeply by listening to an informed conversation among loyal readers.

Link Journalism:

  • links power the web
  • interactive form of information medium
  • easy access to sources and documents or other coverage.
  • great content with out hunting for it yourself

Pro-am Journalism

  • do it yourself
  • sometimes readers want to do reporting too
  • no news organization can be everywhere
  • readers can provide the “what” and the “why” sometimes too
  • the power of the crowd and readers is very powerful and never ending information

Collaborative Publishing is here to stay:

  • is not a fad
  • a way to do better work news organizations must have the power of the crowd to be more efficient, more transparent and more effective.

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