Briggs Chapter 4


“its a great way to she a link to the article you’ve written,” Alana Taylor.

  • Microblogging is an instant messaging journal.
  • Can be done by texting, instant messaging, e-mail, digital audio or by posting to the web.
  • Compared to being in a big room with lots of people you like and that like you and everyone is discussing on the topic.

Twitter is the most popular.

  1. ability to maintain constant connection with others with out direct communication
  2. ability to maintain constant connection with many people at once unlike e-mail or the phone
  3. each update is significant and important information to someone

It is important because:

  1. keeping the public updated
  2. different ways to be “intouch” with the news and events of the world
  3. can be a form of emergency information to the public
  4. its effective for immediate breaking news
  5. its away to broadcast what we’re doing
  6. its away to keep people safe

Microblogging is away to:

  • Keep the public as a unity
  • its immediate so the people are constantly being updated and can be up to speed on the world
  • its away to keep faithful followers; by giving back without taking too much.

Build your Network:

  • Find people to follow
  • follow others and they can follow you back
  • new posts will appear on your twitter and update your followers and your friends, others can see this and then follow you too
  • When you find others with good information follow them and share with your friends, they can see this and then will follow you

Having nothing to say:

  • You can not have nothing to say
  • Twitter only has 140 characteristics available…
  • This forces you to post the most important info
  • Include a link so if they would like they can see the whole story

Say your words