Briggs Chapter 5

Going Mobile

Learning how to:

  • What kinds of stories lend themselves to mobile reporting
  • What technology you need
  • How to use selected mobile publishing services for text, photographs, and video
  • How professional news organizations use mobile to complement their existing publishing platforms.

Mobile Journalism

Journalism is not journalism until published. mobile journalism makes this immediate.

Mobile media is a tool everyone can use, it is as useful as a swiss army knife. It has so many purposes.

The audience is going mobile so journalism must go mobile as well.

  • Makes easy to cover things more effectively and clearly
  • need a tool to capture and produce content
  • away to connect to the internet so you can publish it


  • iphone
  • blackberry
  • nokia N95
  • full backpack with a camera, tripod, audio recorder, microphone and a laptop with a 3G wireless internet card.

Bottom Line:

  • Keep it simple
  • dont lug more equipment than you can handle to cover the story
  • dont ever try and use a device your not familiar with
  • be perpared

Choose your Story:

  • Go somewhere interesting
  • first hand is always interesting
  • audience expects to see it here and now

Gearhead- job is to be out and about and report minute to minute

Light packer- traditional journalist, just enough equipment to get the job done.

Say your words