Briggs Chapter 6

Visual Storytelling with Photographs

That old saying…”A Picture is worth a 1000 words”… that is this chapter.

Digital Photography:

  • Take as many pictures as you want
  • immediately see what you have taken a pic of
  • upload to share whenever and with whoever
  • don’t buy film
  • easy to edit pictures on a computer

Get to know your camera!!!

Shooting Mugshots:

  • most common used my journalists
  • Use the right lighting; avoid noon sunlight
  • photograph when there is an overcast- if possible
  • use a flash as a last resort
  • pick the best background
  • stay away from walls to avoid flash shadows
  • make sure there isn’t anything lie a lamp or a pole coming out of the person’s head
  • More time leads to better photos -DONT RUSH
  • Make the best of your pictures

Digital Pictures are easy to work with:

  • quick
  • easy to crop
  • tone and resize any picture
  • having the right photo for your story is easy to find
  • easy to edit
  • don’t add things to pictures, it can be misleading and untrue

Photographs on your Computer:

  • Edit a copy of the picture…never the original to avoid damaging and not being able to get the original back if you mess up
  • Crop the photo to what makes the photo only
  • resize to fit the story and the space needed
  • make sure tone and color are perfect
  • save a web version
  • keep it simple- dont go over board doing things to the photo

Say your words