Briggs Chapter 7

Making Audio Journalism Visible

“Somehow audio has been considered the ‘invisble’ medium,” Karin Hogh “However, if done right, audio can be as powerful in journalism as written articles or even TV and videos.”

Audio Journalism

  • Presence: On location, a reporter can literally bring readers to the story. Being there boots credibility and interest.
  • Emotions: has tone and voice, experssions, intonation and pauses the words of the reporter or the sources can enhance the message.
  • Atmosphere: natural sound- whats happening around you. this helps pull the listener closer.

News and Audio:

  • Radio of course.
  • Reporter overview: simple audio overviews by reporters that accompany their articles.
  • Podcasts: episodes on a subject help build audience but can be time-consuming and hard at beginning.
  • Audio slide shows: adding audio to photoes tells a better story.
  • Breaking news: a quick audio report from anywhere by mobile phone, to be put on the web.
  • Can be the atmosphere that paints a picture quickly

Getting started with Audio

  • We all know how to talk- paint a picture with the audio
  • recording interviews: use them to make quotes and and a more entertaining way of reporting
  • chose your location well
  • prepare your subject- dont go in not knowing what you want to ask, be prepared to ask
  • write a script
  • keep it conversational -nice and easy

Step by step do it and follow directions

Say your words