Briggs Chapter 8

Telling Stories with Video

Impact of digital video:

  • youtube
  • the only way to learn is to do
  • make your mistakes as quickly as possible
  • can tell a better story than writing
  • perfection is not necessary
  • great sometimes takes too long for what the story deserves
  • quick and unpolished video content on news sites often draws bigger audiences
  • very common to not be perfect anymore

Plan your video and Go

  • Use different approaches for different projects

Breaking News:

  • you rarely know in advance what the story will be
  • you only know news is happening
  • for breaking news you probably wont get to breaking news, like a crash or a shooting you wont be there

Full documentary:

  • you have more control so its easier
  • a lot more planning
  • recommend story boards

Highlight clips:

  • especially in sports
  • constant movement of the subjects
  • lighting and zoom can be challenging

Storyboard- a visual sketch of the story, separated into different parts so it can be organized.

  • pictures help define
  • realistic expectations
  • forces you to think about eh focus of the story
  • the main idea you want to get across
  • no artistic talent is necessary
  • you can always update your storyboard after the fact

Mix your Shots

Build five shot sequences

  • close-up on the hands- shows the needle applying ink to the woman’s skin
  • close-up on the face- shows the man’s concentration
  • Wide shot- shows the two together and a view of the room where this takes place
  • over-the-shoulder shot- shows the view that the tattoo artist has of the process
  • creative shot- shows the room from behind a table (another look at the main subject)

Each shot should be steady

Learn effective video interviewing:

  • the interview- basic form
  • simple process
  • easy to mess up if you don’t plan
  • first step is to select the right location
  • have several questions pre-written
  • dont speak during the interview while the person is talking no “uh-huh” or “I see” or “really”

Shooting good video:

  • Focus- camera will focus automatically, better than you most likely can
  • Zoom- set the zoom before you begin
  • Exposure- most cameras have automatic exposure, gives you the perfect lighting in most cases
  • Aim solid, not spectacular, clips- hold shots, be silent while shooting, avoid panning and zooming.
  • Keep it short and sweet

Publish Online

Say your words