Twitter’s most popular

Top 10 twitter this week

Charlie Sheen

  • has taken over Twitter and now has 800,00 followers! And that was just in 24 hours! All because 2 and half men stopped.

Justin Bieber

  • is so famous, I do not see what the big deal is about this kid. But he is ranked #2 for Twitter’s top 10. March first was his birthday, mostly with lots of birthday wishes for him, but a lot of mean comments from fans about him and his girlfriend.

83rd Annual Academy Awards

  • twitter users commented more on the Oscar winners than the hosts.


  • Top competition for England’s 92 clubs. Arsenal and Birmingham City faced in the final match. Birmingham won, winning the 2nd trophy for their team.
  • LMAOTwitpics- is a Twitter account that posts crazy and funny pics on twitter, with funny captions. I guess this stuff is funny its the #5 thing on Twitter.
  • cumanNANYA- Indonesia for “just asking”.


  • OMG now has a lobsteroll for a seasonal menu item! Not to get our hopes up this is only available in New England and Canadian Maritimes.
  • Vina de Mar festival- an annual musical show in Chile. Broadcasted this year for the first time on TV.
  • NBA- trading season is here and fans are angry and excited to see who gets who.
  • Jane Russel- passed away in her home at the age of 89. She was an actress that used to be famous.

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