Jim Iovino Comm 361

Jim Iovino

Jim Iovino graduated from Penn State University hoping to become a sports writer. Iovino succeeded in his dream early with a simple news letter with his friends about hockey.

The creation of LCS Hockey became a in print news letter. However, with print journalism dieing Iovino knew he and his friends must take an alternative route to hockey news. LCS Hockey was then born into an online news source for hockey. Sports information on the sport he loved and sarcasm was enjoyable, Iovino moved on to big news in Washington D.C.

Now catering to the news needs of the Washington D.C. area with NBC news , Iovino has created himself an imprint in Washington news. Working for the company for five years, Iovino has much to share on his career.

Still writing on hockey Iovino must enjoy what he does, sticking with his original dream.  “Its me, I’m doing it for fun, so I am going to go in and find a fun angle for it” Iovino said to our Comm 371 class. Showing he truly does enjoy his job.

Now covering the Washington Capitals hockey team, Iovino writes the coverage on the games for NBC’s website. Telling the fans something different that fans could not have seen in the game by watching it. Go in deeper to get what the fans cannot get but you have the access to get, Jim Iovino does this to cover the NHL games.

Iovino tells our class “they have to feel comfortable with you, you feel comfortable with them, and you get the story.” – Great journalism advice.

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