Mark Potts 3/29/11

Mark Potts

Interesting creative ways to submit news:

  • Wikipedia is an amazing news site. Is away to get a really quick overview an event or something.
  • Using facebook to tell a story… the Washington Post used facebook as a story telling device for a pregnant sick mommy.
  • The people news- straight from the horses mouth. Ask the audience whats happening there on the ground.
  • Hyper-local trend is exploding, community can participate. (Stuff like
  • Crowd Sourcing ^ information your not going to get from the Washington Post or other newspaper

TBD– a great news site.

“Do what you do best, and the rest up to the link.”

“Journalism requires passion- the bloggers have it.” Klein

You may not always like was is made public.

Using Data in a Different way:

  • API is a away to make your data public so it can be used by others.
  • Build things with data like maps, webs, timelines- what are the people watching? What r people interested in? Listening to? reading? eating? etc….
  • Its about creating a database for people to use

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