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VFW with Tony

Visiting the VFW was a great in site to veterans of our military. Learning the history of our country and military vets was a true eye opener. You never know how much our soldiers do for us until you sit in a room with them and they tell their stories of their lives as a […]

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3/31/11 BJ

BJ Koubaroulis Notes! BJ gave advice to start at small paper a weekly paper to do an internship, you’ll learn much more when you are not in a huge company, and you can get more hands on and one on one experience. The Washington Post is too big of a company to be able to […]

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Mark Potts 3/29/11

Mark Potts Interesting creative ways to submit news: Wikipedia is an amazing news site. Is away to get a really quick overview an event or something. Using facebook to tell a story… the Washington Post used facebook as a story telling device for a pregnant sick mommy. The people news- straight from the horses mouth. […]

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Jim Iovino Comm 361

Jim Iovino Jim Iovino graduated from Penn State University hoping to become a sports writer. Iovino succeeded in his dream early with a simple news letter with his friends about hockey. The creation of LCS Hockey became a in print news letter. However, with print journalism dieing Iovino knew he and his friends must take […]

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Everybody Loves Morehead: Geaks are Freaks.

Geeks Are Freaks By Brandi Morehead / Sex Columnist There was a time when the first thing that came to mind when I heard the word “geek” was Steve Urkel. Now, it’s sex on a stick. Think about it. Guys that have that geek persona about them usually go above and beyond to catch a […]

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Top 10 twitter this week Charlie Sheen has taken over Twitter and now has 800,00 followers! And that was just in 24 hours! All because 2 and half men stopped. Justin Bieber is so famous, I do not see what the big deal is about this kid. But he is ranked #2 for Twitter’s top […]

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Briggs Chapter 10

Managing News as a Conversation Blogs have become a journalism conversation blogspot twitter facebook myspace You can converse through comments. not so simple, sometimes mean and ugly Benefits: provide transparency enable an immediate feedback spread awareness of news coverage through word-of-mouth marketing New conversation is important: feedback keeping the reader involved keeping the public in-tune […]

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Briggs Chapter 8

Telling Stories with Video Impact of digital video: youtube the only way to learn is to do make your mistakes as quickly as possible can tell a better story than writing perfection is not necessary great sometimes takes too long for what the story deserves quick and unpolished video content on news sites often draws […]

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Briggs Chapter 7

Making Audio Journalism Visible “Somehow audio has been considered the ‘invisble’ medium,” Karin Hogh “However, if done right, audio can be as powerful in journalism as written articles or even TV and videos.” Audio Journalism Presence: On location, a reporter can literally bring readers to the story. Being there boots credibility and interest. Emotions: has […]

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Briggs Chapter 6

Visual Storytelling with Photographs That old saying…”A Picture is worth a 1000 words”… that is this chapter. Digital Photography: Take as many pictures as you want immediately see what you have taken a pic of upload to share whenever and with whoever don’t buy film easy to edit pictures on a computer Get to know […]

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